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Orthobiologics is a rapidly growing field that employs biomaterials and cell-based therapies to help patients heal. Through empowering the body to heal from within, orthobiologic treatments provide thrilling alternatives to traditional orthopedic possibilities. Orthobiologics are less invasive than traditional methods and (in many cases) more effective.

About Orthobiologics

The Specifics

Orthobiologics Oklahoma City

Orthobiologic therapies collect proteins and cells naturally found in human biology to help encourage productive regrowth of musculoskeletal tissues, including bone, ligaments, cartilage and tendons. Dr. Johnson is at the forefront of orthobiologics, having studied methods in Germany with specialists. He hopes to bring the healing elements of orthobiologics to his patients, better improving their quality of life.

Orthobiologics are substances many orthopaedic surgeons use to assist in the healing process of injuries. They speed up the recovery process and can be used to help the healing of injured muscles, broken bones, and strained ligaments and tendons.  Orthobiologics are made from substances found naturally within your body and as they are used, they can help assuage injuries and even, in some cases, avoid surgery. 

Proteins found in your body have great potential for developing and promoting healing within the body and are a key factor in orthobiologics.  When lead to an injury site, these proteins can assist in healing muscles, bones, cartilage, and ligaments.  With so much possibility the harvesting of these proteins have been paramount to many doctors’ research which is why the recent development of orthobiologics has such potential.  

Orthobiologics for bone, ligament, cartilage, or tendon pain in Oklahoma City

Is It For You?

If you're suffering from bone, ligament, cartilage, or tendon pain, orthobiologics might be the procedure for you.  It's a viable option for healing, and most importantly, a real alternative to invasive surgery. 

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